Welcome to EDG 646, Technology & Communication in the Educational Leadership program at Cabrini College.This wiki will serve as our main space for organizing and sharing course materials and facilitating discussions.I look forward to learning with you throughout our week together!
We will be meeting in Room 204 at Pennridge Central MS!

"To-Dos" Before Our First Class Meeting:
1. REQUEST TO JOIN THIS WIKI. It is not necessary for you to join in order to view the pages, but it is necessary for you to become a member of our wiki in order to share to the discussion posts.

Click on "Join" in the top right-hand corner of this page to request membership.

Familiarize yourself with this wiki! We will reference it often.

After you have gained membership, click on the Discussions link in menu on the right (or click here) and add an introductory reply to the Welcome thread. Feel free to reply to any of your classmates' posts to generate conversation and start to build community.

2. Read and/or download our course syllabus:

Please know that this syllabus is a guide and will help organize our class discussions and activities. However, I want this course to be powerful for you, the students. Your feedback will be sought to ensure we are engaging in discussions that are relevant for you and your future as administrators. Your participation is key. Own your learning!

3. Familiarize yourself with the course resources:

Course Text: Pflaum, W. D. (2004). The technology fix: The promise and reality of computers in our schools. Alexandria, VA: Association for Supervision and Curriculum.

Additional required resource: ISTE's National Education Technology Standards (NETS) for Administrators

4. Reference our calendar of class dates w/locations & maps.

5. Take the time to create social media accounts for the following services (If you don't already use these services) to help stay connected throughout the duration of our class and beyond:

*Twitter - Important: after creation of your account, be sure to add a profile photo and include a bio description that accurately depicts you and your role in education. Your real name should be associated with this account. Start following some key contributors such as those found here or here or here. Also please follow me @l_hilt so I can identify your account!

*Diigo or Delicious

*You will need a blog space for use during the course. Choose from any of the following free services or feel free to use a blog you have already created.
Wordpress, Blogger, or Edublogs

Once you set up a blog, please email me the link! lynhilt@gmail.com or lah354@cabrini.edu

a *Google account

* = highly preferred accounts needed for you to fully participate in this course
Twitter hashtag: #edg646
Diigo list of bookmarks: EDG 646

Visit the Tool Time page to learn more about tech tools worth exploring.

6. Read about the project that is due on Friday, June 28.

7. Obtain a copy of a district technology plan and bring it with you to class on Monday, June 24. Electronic/online versions are fine.

8. If you wish, check out our tentative schedule of events for the week.
Monday, June 24
Tuesday, June 25
Wednesday, June 26
Thursday, June 27
Friday, June 28

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