Friday, June 26

8:30 AM-4:30 PM

Topic: Systemic Improvement
Educational Administrators provide digital age leadership and management to continuously improve the organization through the effective use of information and technology resources.
  1. Lead purposeful change to maximize the achievement of learning goals through the appropriate use of technology and media-rich resources
  2. Collaborate to establish metrics, collect and analyze data, interpret results, and share findings to improve staff performance and student learning
  3. Recruit and retain highly competent personnel who use technology creatively and proficiently to advance academic and operational goals
  4. Establish and leverage strategic partnerships to support systemic improvement
  5. Establish and maintain a robust infrastructure for technology including integrated, interoperable technology systems to support management, operations, teaching, and learning

Friday's POA
1. Where do we go from here?

2. Schools using technology to make a difference in our world

3. Web Tool Demo Slam!
4. Student Project Presentations -
As your classmates are presenting, share feedback on their projects using this Padlet wall!

5. Course survey (this one is from Lyn!! please complete it!!) & closing reflections

*Also I am supposed to remind you that you should log into your Cabrini email accounts to complete the "official" instructor evaluation by <insert date here>
If you need access, let me know, I have the info from Cabrini for logging into the eval.

Due Date
Blog #4: Your last blog post!! (Unless you continue blogging to support your connected leadership endeavors! And I encourage you to do so!)

Prompt: In a brief paragraph or two, summarize your experiences in this class. Was the content interesting? Were the discussions engaging? Do you feel as though you learned more about instructional technology and communications to support your future work as school leaders?

If you created a final project that is able to be embedded onto a website, you can embed the project in this post!
My grades are due by July 31. If I receive all assignments earlier, I can get started entering grades sooner and communicate them with you as soon as they are complete!