Web Tool Smackdown List Summer 2015
Corey - Haiku Deck, Seesaw
Michael - Trello, Poll Everywhere
Jessica - Voxer, Credly
Theresa - Wonderopolis, Adapted Minds
Betsaida - Google Calendar, Plickers

Web Tool Smackdown List Summer 2013 (for your reference, 2015!)
Add the tools you will share on Friday to the list below:
1. Animoto- Deana
2. Symbaloo - Stephanie
3. Photo Peach- Ron
4.PadLet - Ron
6. surveymonkey-Sue
7. Storybird-Sue
8. Google Groups- Deana
9. Livebinders - Mike
10. Google Sites - Jordan
11.Khan Academy - Mike
12. Remind 101 - Josh
13. Pulse - Josh
14. Storyjumper -Chris
15. Museumbox - Chris
16. Voki - Stephanie

Here's a collection of resources for your digital "toolbox." Many include links to resources I've created through my work with administrators over the past few years. Check them out and find some that interest you! We will add to this collection as the week progresses and class members share their favorite resources!

It may be helpful to first peruse this overview of many different tools created by administrators- Web Tools for Admin- and decide which tools you'd like to explore further. (You're not limited to this list, it's just a starting point. There are many fascinating tools and apps out there!)



1,133 educational leaders to kickstart your Twitter feed from Scott McLeod
118 People to Follow on Twitter- Education Edition

Teachers Who Tweet: 50 Educators You Should Follow

A great hashtag to start following on Twitter is #cpchat - many posts about administrative topics!
Other hashtags: #edg646 #edchat #elemchat #edadmin #edtechchat #satchat #backchanneledu

Twitter in plain English
Building a professional learning network on Twitter
5 Twitter Resources for School Administrators
Twitter Handbook for Teachers
Twitter for Singletons
Join the Flock!
The Power of Twitter
Twitter for Education wiki
Twitter for Teachers
Find people to follow! Twitter for Teachers!
Ultimate Twitter Guidebook for Teachers
Educators, Do You Tweet?


Blogging in schools -many resources here

Social Bookmarking

Social bookmarking in plain English


Digital Storytelling
7 elements of digital storytelling via Jon Becker
Digital storytelling resources via Jon Becker
Storybird and how I've used it as an administrator
Diigo list of digital storytelling links

Presentation/Multimedia Tools



Google Apps

Google Apps collection of resources
Google Docs for Administrators -5 ideas to get started and 5 more ideas from Kyle Pace


Today's Meet



Dropbox, Copy
Remind 101
Scribd, Slideshare


Top iPad Apps for School Administrators
iPad Apps for Administrators on Pinterest

Assistive Technology Resources

As principal, I really enjoyed sharing photos and videos of our classroom and school happenings on our school blog. Field days, special events and performances, student work displayed in the hallways... the possibilities to share are endless!
Here are some fun multimedia tools I've used to create videos, photo slideshows, and more!

Animoto has transformed into a pretty amazing tool to use to create photo slideshows and even include segments of video. The transitions and effects are amazing. It has a large library of music for use to accompany your images. It does a lot of the technical work for you, like figure out how long to display each image so it's timed out perfectly to match the song. You can add titles and captions, too. It offers pro accounts for Educators. If you just use their free account your videos are limited to 30 seconds in length, I believe. But if you use your school email address and it can verify you're an educator, you receive extended services. Click here to apply for an educator's account!
Here's an example of an Animoto I created after I accompanied the sixth graders on their trip to Washington, D.C.!
When I needed to make a quick and easy slideshow, I turned to Photopeach. For free accounts, each slideshow has a limit of 30 photos, but transitions are simple, it's easy to add text, and there's a variety of music to include. Samples here and here.
Storybird is one of my very favorite digital storytelling tools. Writers can share their stories against the backdrop of stunning visual artistry. Artists share collections of their work for use in these stories. You will enjoy choosing from among the many collections which will help spark your imagination! Teacher and class accounts can be easily created, too. Here is a Storybird I wrote for my school to welcome them to another school year!
Little Bird Tales
Little Bird Tales is another favorite of ours at the elementary level. It is very simple to use, even our kindergartners enjoy creating with this tool! Simply draw or import your images, click the red button to record your voice, and you can build page after page of fun! School and classroom accounts are available! Here's a story I wrote about one of my dogs :) My Dog London
Popcorn Maker
Mozilla's Popcorn Maker allows you to edit, remix, and add hyperlinks (and more) to video. Can be used for instructional tutorial purposes and more! How to create multimedia projects using Mozilla's Popcorn Maker
Go Animate is a fun way to bring your stories to life via clever animation. These videos are popping up everywhere! They're easy to create and add a bit of flair to your message.
Photo Story (PC) or iPhoto (Mac)
If you are a PC school like we are, Windows Photo Story offers a quick and easy way to create slideshows with narration and audio. It's free software! Read more about it here. If you use iPhoto, you can create slideshows with albums of your choice and then export as needed. (I do not believe there's a voice narration feature, but audio can be added.)
I also enjoy "changing it up" sometimes during in-services or PD sessions when I need to present information visually. A fun, easy tool to explore for presentation use is Prezi.
Prezi is an online tool that allows you to make stunning visual presentations. Rather than building sets of "slides" in a linear fashion as you would in PowerPoint or Keynote, the presentation is built on a giant "canvas" and the user has the freedom to build custom paths to the uploaded content. Zooming features and creative paths make for entertaining and engaging presentations. I have used Prezi for a number of years, and I've been really impressed with its newest features in the last year or so. Here's a Prezi I made for one of our opening day assemblies, and here is one I used to present the ideas of connected learning to our school board a few years ago.
Haiku Deck
For you iPad lovers, Haiku Deck is an app that creates stunning visuals built from a bank of powerful images. You then add simple text to your "slides." Many educators use Haiku Deck with their students. There are a number of exporting options so you can share your finished deck and present on non-mobile devices. Recently Haiku Deck was made available on the web! Click here to check out the web version. Here is another resource you can check out: 23 Ways to Share your Haiku Deck
Voicethread is a very cool service that allows the user to transform media into a collaborative space. Import images, video, documents, and more, and narrate or add comments as you please for an interactive experience. You can also allow other users to comment on each frame of your project. Comments are available via text, audio, and video, and your audience members can even annotate your project as they add comments.Check out some examples!(You may need to create an account to view the examples.)

Canva is a free design platform that allows you to combine imagery and text to create graphics, presentations, posters, flyers, and more.
And, if you've already used the tools above and want to try out even MORE** cool digital storytelling and multimedia tools, visit this great wiki from Alan Levine - 50+ Web 2.0 Ways to Tell a Story. He's an expert in digital storytelling and even runs an open course on the subject! It's called DS106- you should check it out!